Dr. William Loveland

Dr. Loveland graduated from Brigham Young University, and attended Medical School at the University of Utah. Upon completion of a Family Medicine residency in Salt Lake City, he and his family moved to the Treasure Valley in 1998.

Professionally, he enjoys the full spectrum of family medicine including newborn and pediatric care, adolescent and adult preventative care as well as long-term management of chronic medical conditions. He also enjoys a variety of office-based surgical procedures including vasectomies, circumcisions, mole removal, joint injections, IUD placement and placement of subcutaneous contraception.  Dr. Loveland is also trained to perform upper and lower endoscopies (EGD and colonoscopies).

Personally, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children in the outdoors hiking, camping, skiing, biking, etc. He also enjoys being active in his faith.